Crude Oil Remains Buoyant Above 49.30 – 21st December 2016

Crude Oil Remains Buoyant Above 49.30 – 21st December 2016

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Crude Oil – Bullish trend in oil continues

As we discussed in this week’s weekly trade setups analysis, Crude Oil has been trending higher and we have been looking to buy, in-line with that trend. As we can see in the chart below, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil remains buoyant above the support level at $49.30 a barrel; a level we have been look to buy from or near recently.


From here, we would ideally wait for a clean price-action buy signal before recommitting to a long position, for those not already long. More experienced traders might like to put on a long trade intra-day while the price is still supported at or above the $49.30 level. Look to buy on weakness as long as the trend remains intact.


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