Tech Tip: Share a Slide Show With a Tweet

Tech Tip: Share a Slide Show With a Tweet

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Q. In my Twitter feed, I’ve been seeing posts recently where the person has included a grid of four photos with the post. How do you do that?

A. Twitter allows up to four photos to be included with a tweet, so you just have to add the images when you are composing your post. This photo-collage feature was introduced in 2014; some users use sequential images to create miniature narratives, while others just post multiple pet photos.

When you compose a tweet, click or tap the camera icon in the botton toolbar to include up to four images with the post.

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To add several images to a message, tap or click the Tweet feather icon to start a new post. Compose any words you want to share and select the camera icon in the toolbar below the text-entry area.

In the window that opens, select the pictures from the photo gallery on your mobile device, or choose the images you want to use from your computer. In the Android or iOS app, if you do not choose all the images you want to tweet at once, tap the camera icon again (after the app attaches the first photo to your pending post) to get back to the gallery. On a PC or Mac, hold down the Control or Command key while clicking up to four images to select them all.

If you accidentally grab the wrong photo, tap or click the “x” on the image in the tweet composition windows to remove it. When you are finished, tap the Tweet button to share the photo collection with your followers — who can then click through the photos like a slide show right from the post.

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